Martin County Law Enforcement Officers Association

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Martin County Law Enforcement Officer's Association

Welcome to the Martin County Law Enforcement Officer's Association.  The modular classroom is up and running.  Their is running water available at the shelter and a bathroom that can be accessed from the back side of the classroom.  If you are interested in using the classroom for training, make contact with me.  Hopefully we will soon have a set fee for renting the building. We now have roll out trash cans near the gate.  Please clean up after yourself and throw all trash in these cans.  Make sure that the cans are outside of the gate for pick up.  Make sure that anything you bring for targets gets thrown away as well and do not shoot the poles that hold the rope.  I recently had to replace the center pole due to it being shot in two pieces.  The preferred method for hanging targets is to use cardboard hung on the rope by large binder clips that are available from any office supply or Wal-mart in the aisle with paper clips, staplers, etc.  Please do not shoot at any glass bottles or any other target that pieces could injury someone...remember this is a law enforcement training facility first and foremost.  Many trainees have to crawl around the range as part of their training.  The plastic barrels are to be used for barricades and obstacles; not as targets.

The new gate is up and running; however their is a problem with the electronic keypad, so until further notice, you will have to enter the combination twice; i.e. 9999# 9999# for example.  The gate is designed to stay open until you renter your combination.

 Thank you,

Ryan Smith, President

Contact Information

You may contact us by mail @

Martin County Law Enforcement Officer's Association

PO Box 308

Williamston, NC  27892

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